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Plants have been an integral part of home decor since their inception. We see several posts and ideas on Instagram from top notch home decor pages that give you the idea about plant placement to beautify your space, its importance and the role it plays in setting up the right tone. Before we jump right off to the list of plants that are a great choice for the first timers, people who find it difficult to make time or travellers, we need to understand that before choosing the plant that is exactly right for you, we need to take into consideration many factors that are trivial for the survival of the plants. Click here to learn about the very first things to know before purchasing a plant.

Plants are an important element that sets the tone just right when decorating your house or that one thing that alleviates stress when in office. So, we accumulated a list of easy to maintain foliage plants to start off with:-

Snake Plant 

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, Sanseveria Dracaena has earned its position at the top of the list by being the least demanding plant that needs minimum watering and can survive in low lighting conditions (although bright light is preferable). It thrives the best when left at its own devices. This plant is a known and one of the most popular air purifying plant. It comes in all size, from 3ft long plant to a table prone dwarf variety. Click here to see varieties of Sanseveria available with us.

Sanseveria plant, Sanseveria Dwarf

 Monstera Deliciosa

One of the most insta worthy plants, Monstera Deliciosa is known and loved for its cuts or fenestrations. It is one of the most popular and in-demand exotic plants. Keep it an area with bright light and provide humidity and this plant would liven up your living space with its color and its beauty. Like our Sanseveria above, Monstera plant also has plethora of varieties. Click here to view different varieties of Monstera.   

Lipstick Aglaonema

Want to brighten up your table? Lipstick Aglaonema is the perfect option. This plant with the pink border in its leaf is the most used plant for indoor landscaping and home decor. This is one of the rare plant varieties that can survive in bright artificial light as well. Click here to know more.  

Rubber Plant

Do you often forget your plant? Do you travel very often and lose your plant to it? The rubber plant is the answer to your problem. It is tolerant to some degree of neglect and bodes well under-watering. However, be careful not to overwater it.  


This pet-friendly plant is mostly loved for its foliage and its ability to filter formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene; toxins that are environmental pollutants and toxic for your health. It is also one of those plant that has debuted in many movies. Click here to know about the varities of fern.  

Air Plants

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are one of the most amazing options for your tabletop. They sustain themselves on moisture from the air and require no soil (or a planter) to grow. And it can be styled in various ways in terrariums, etc. Click here to view the product.

Aloe Vera

Not just a good houseplant, it also has medicinal properties that help in healing various skin problems. Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. As for care, put your aloe vera plant in a bright, sunny spot, and don’t worry about keeping it alive. It is one of those low maintenance plants that can survive drought. Click here to know more about aloe vera.  

ZZ plant 

Looking for something that can tolerate low light? Check out ZZ. It is one of the plants that can survive low lighting conditions or even Artificial light and needs water, not more than once in two weeks or 15 days. And even less watering during the Winters. It makes for a perfect housewarming gift. Click here to ZZ plant varieties.

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