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Deciding on a gift for your loved ones is one of the tough decisions that one has to make. What we look for is something meaningful that can stand the test of time. Something lively and mindful enough to remind the receiver about you every time they see it while it is useful.  


Here’s what we suggest and it might come as a shocker so embrace yourself….


It’s a trend to give plants as a gift and BELIEVE US when we say it, It’s not without good reasons. They add beauty and vibrance to your space along with serenity and tranquillity. Also, as established by NASA, plants are air purifiers as well. They detoxify your space by absorbing the pollutants from the air; which we can agree can come in handy during Diwali. So we accumulated a list of plants or plant-related products that can be given as a gift (especially to liven and detox your Diwali).

Air Purifying Plants

These are the basic go-to plants for beginners or travellers. They require bare minimum care i.e. watering once in a while and thrive best when left at their own devices.

Golden Money Plant (Devil’s Ivy)

Money Plant or Golden pothos is a must-have at every house. It is one of the plants that can survive in low light or in semi-shade. It needs a bare minimum watering and can grow practically in any condition.

Snake Plant

One of the most popular houseplants, the snake plant is known for its tolerance to low lighting conditions and drought situations.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only known for its medicinal properties and ability to heal skin problems and various bodily diseases but is also a popular houseplant since it can grow in full sun as well as partial sunlight.

Succulents & Cactus

Succulents and cactus are a draught resisting ornamental plants known for their unusual and striking appearance. They thrive in minimal care and limited water resources such as dew and mist. Their natural habitat is a desert and therefore they thrive if provided an environment with morning direct sunlight and watering as little as once a week or 10 days.

Pan India products

So this is our list of things that we deliver pan India. It’s okay if you couldn’t gift a living plant, but you can always go for something that is very near, propagation stands, or the seed starter kit, or a plantable calendar with the propagation stand.

Seed Starter Kit

The first step towards healthy eating is growing your own food. Our seed starter kit brings you a healthy alternative to pesticide-laden, inorganic veggies. The package contains seeds, coir pot, coco coins, compost, and the instructions card. The packaging is completely Plastic-free!!!

Seed Paper Calendar

Here’s another way to add greens to your table. The calendar sheets are made of seed paper which grows when sown and the stand has a test tube holder which you can use to keep flowers or for the propagation of indoor plants. The packaging contains; wooden stand, test tube, calendar, and the instruction sheet. This product comes in completely plastic-free packaging.

Propagation Stand

The decorative lightweight test tube stands are another great gift for plant lovers who can use them to decorate their desks with flowers or for propagation.

Variegated Syngonium

One of the rare finds for any plant lover is variegated Syngonium or albo Syngonium. The plant is popular for the white color variegation that appears on each leaf of the plant. It is a vining plant that grows best when supported with a moss stick.

Monstera Peru

One of the fastest-growing rare plants, monstera Peru is a stiff-leaved variety of one of the most popular plants on Instagram. It grows best when supported with a moss pole and grows thick, dark green leaves.

Exotic Plants

These are the options for the people who are pro plant parents. These are a few exotic options that need slightly more care than the normal plants. However, they beautifully compensate for the extra attention that they ask for.

So here’s our opinion on a few good options to gift to your loved ones. But these aren’t the only options. Do let us know if you think there’s something to be added to the list!!

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