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Q. Can we purchase the plant without the ceramic pot?

A. Yes. Plantscart does provide plants without the ceramic pot. You can purchase the plant with the basic nursery pot.      

Q. The plants delivered would be potted or open roots?

A. The plants that would be delivered to you would be potted in either the nursery pot that it comes in or the ceramic pot, whichever is opted by the buyer. 

Q. Does the plant grow well in the black nursery pot?
A. Yes. With proper care and nutrition, the plant grows well in the black nursery pot.

Q. If I opt for a plant along with a ceramic pot, would it arrive potted in the ceramic pot or separate?

A. The plant would arrive potted in the ceramic pot if the customer has selected the plant with the ceramic pot.

Q. Can we customize the combination of the plants and ceramic pots?

A. Yes. The plant and planter combo can be customized as per the preference of the customer. We have mentioned the “recommended pot size” for every plant. The customer can select the pot as per it and let us know on the remark section while ordering. You can also connect with us over WhatsApp on +918299685618 for customizing your order.  

Q. Can I make changes to my order?

A. Once the order has been placed, you can change the order by connecting to us over WhatsApp depending on the stage of the order. The order cannot be changed once it has been completely processed and ready to be dispatched. However, changing the order would be allowed for just one time after the order has been confirmed. 

Q. In how many days would my order arrive?

A. We deliver the order within 5 business days. 

Q. How can I track my order?

A. You can track the order at any time by contacting us over whatsapp for order status. 

Q. Can we add a note to the order?

A. If the order is being placed as a gift to someone, you can add a note free of cost. You can also a add a greeting card for an additional cost of Rs. 50/-

Q. What are the modes of payment accepted?

A. We accept payment through UPI/NEFT/IMPS or Cash on Delivery.

Q. How to cancel my order?

A. The order once placed can be cancelled by contacting us over. However, a cancellation charge of Rs. 100/- would be applicable if the order is canceled after it has been dispatched.

Q. What is the return/refund policy?

A. Once the plant is delivered, it cannot be returned or replaced. However, if the plant arrives in damaged condition or die within a week of delivery due to inadequate quality of the plant, you would be refunded for the damaged plant. 

Q. What to do if I receive unhealthy plants?

A. If you receive an unhealthy plant or a plant in damaged condition, contact us immediately. Provide us your order number along with the image of the plant that arrived and we would initiate the refund of the plant immediately. 

Q. What to do if I receive the wrong items?

A. If you receive the wrong item, contact us immediately. Provide us your order number along with the image of the entire order delivered to you and we would initiate the refund of the plant immediately.

Q. Would the plant have flowers in case I purchase a flowering plant? If not, would I be provided a replacement or refund for the same?

A. We try to provide plants with flowers or with flower buds. However, that is not possible every time as flowers perish within a day of blooming or it may not be the blooming season of the flower. However, we provide plants that are in the blooming stage and would bloom during its blooming season. For the plants which do not bloom frequently or bloom only once a year (Example: Fireball lily), the plant provided may be without the flower or the flower bud.  

B. No replacement, refund or return would be entertained on the basis that the plant provided is without the flower or the flower buds. Also, the flowering of the plant depends on the condition and environment that it is kept in and therefore Plantscart does not guarantee flowering of a particular plant. 

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