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As a beginner, it can be difficult to start growing your own plants. Plants need a lot of care and attention, and it can be tough to get started.

Grow houseplants from the comfort of your home with the help of this beginner’s guide. This blog is equipped to give you all the information you need in order to start cultivating your own plants in your living room or balcony. Enjoy greenery in the house year-round — not to mention all the benefits that come with indoor gardening! Click Here to learn more about about plants that are suitable for beginner.

Types of Houseplants

A houseplant can be categorised into many different heads based on its light and humidity requirements. A few plants can survive in low light conditions or survive under artificial light (Below 10,000 lux). (Click here to see a list of low light tolerant plants). Whereas, some of them require bright indirect light to survive. Some plants need high humidity to survive and some plants cannot survive humidity.

Factors to learn about Before making the Purchase

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of plants before you buy them. You can gather it easily from popular websites such as Gardening Know how or your buyer. You can find it on our website right under the head of Product description. Here are a few of the things to check before buying a houseplant.


The first and foremost element to learn about a plant is its lighting needs. As mentioned earlier, the plant according to its variety having different requirement of lighting conditions. Some of the plants can survive the artificial lighting conditions of an office or a washroom. Whereas, some of them require bright indirect light to semi shade. (Click Here to best understand the light requirements)


Another essential component to keep in mind is Water. Even succulents need water once in a while. Similar to light, every plant has different requirement of water. Some need it daily and some need it at an interval of 15 days. However, each of them have a way of communicating their need. For eg: Drooping of leaves, Shrivelling of leaves, etc.


Plants breathe and therefore like us, they require constant air flow which unfortunately is uncommon in the city houses these days. Many plants, such as Air plants absorb moisture from the air for their survival or require frequent misting. Similarly, the plants absorb moisture from the air for their growth which can only be ensured through air-flow.


A certain level of humidity is a requirement of many plants. Lack of humidity only results in taking away water from the plants which results in brown spots and crispy leaves.

Best purchases can be made as per your schedule and environment by evaluating the above factors while purchasing the plant. Each plant has their own unique requirement and selection of a perfect plant for your house/office can be made by keeping in mind the above factors.

Happy Shopping!!

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