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Semi Indoor Combo – 2


Choose the planter type for this plant bundle.
Planter pattern is subject to availability.

Ceramic Pot Nursery Pot

Product Details:

  • This offer includes a set of 4 plants
  • Plant Names (from the left side)- 2 x Syngoniums, Money Plant, and Philodendron Red Congo
  • Plant Type- Foliage Plant and air-purifying plants
  • Plant Placement- Semi-Indoor
  • Plant Height- Up to 4 inches
  • Planter Size- 3-4 inches Diameter

Care Instructions

  • Watering- Water only when the top 1 inch of soil dries up. Do not overwater.
  • Lighting- Bright indirect light.
  • Humidity- Please refer to the care tips for each plant individually


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