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Cocopeat Block 5 kgs

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Coco peat is a soil substitute or addition to it. Known for its good water holding capacity. Expands to 50-75 liter volume.

Coco peat is the soilless potting mix. Easy to carry block form. It is lightweight, best for balconies & terrace gardening, easy to carry, saves Water, eco-friendly Organic. Best potting media for seeds germination.

  • Organic Soilless media Expands to 50-75 liters volume Enhance water drainage in soil mix while still retaining the moisture in soil
How To Use?
  • Keep the coco peat block in a large bucket
  • Water gradually till block absorbs water
  • Dab the block for easy water absorption
  • After a few hours, an entire block will absorb the water and swell
  • Drain out the excess water if necessary; then it is ready to use


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